Hungry lab

HungryLab is a studio based in Riga, specializing in marketing strategy and media independent graphic design: logo & identity, posters, interactive design/development, etc. We do PR, too.

Along with the commercial work, we do self-initiated and  noncommercial projects.

Our main goal is to achieve good results, and we strongly believe that research, problem solving and, hence, good design is the way to it.


Mersraga 9-24
Riga, LV-1002, Latvia
Phone/Fax: +371 6733 1749
GSM: +371 2916 1331


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Sandijs Ruļuks - graphic designer

Anna Lebedoka - project manager

Zigmunds Lapsa - graphic designer

Monika Grūzīte - graphic designer

Ernests Karlsons - web developer

Works and Projects


Release date: 05/08/2009

Client: Latvijas Fotografijas Muzejs

We are very happy to have created the new identity and web design for the Museum of Photography. Enjoy it as much as we did!

wedding invite

Release date: 01/06/2009

Client: Arvids & Marija

An extraordinary couple, who are all about basketball and sports, needed a wedding invitation. Here it is!

Book design

Release date: 01/06/2009

Client: Neputns

Design of the book Riga beyond the walls. The city's planned growth and transformation in two languages. MAP ConTempoRary prize for the second place in D1 category - Book design.

homo ecos: identity design

Release date: 01/05/2009

Client: Biedriba homo ecos:

We created a new brand and communication strategy for a social movement homo ecos: This is an association with a mission to promote environmentally friendly lifestyle, the goal is to make it a movement encouraging homo sapiens to become homo ecos.

Tu-Riga posters

Release date: 01/04/2009

For our good-bye party we created a gift for all riganians - patriotic posters about Riga. Riga can be very HOPEFUL, quite SUPERB and extremely WILD. The posters are a limited edition, all are numbered and hand-made by Sandijs, Monika and Kate in silkscreen.

Design Awards

Release date: 27/03/2009

Client: Mobilly

The judges at DesignFirms would like to announce that your site has been found as one of the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the DesignFirms Web Award. Title of Site: Mobilly Site URL: 27 points = Creativity & Design 28 points = Programming & Compatibily 28 points = Ease of use & Effectiveness Your web site received a score of: 83 out of a possible 99 points

Ligatnes Papirs

Release date: 01/02/2009

Client: Ligatnes Papirs

Packaging idea, including communication strategy, for recycled eco-friendly office paper produced in Latvia

Graphic design calendar "12x12"

Release date: 12/01/2009

Sandijs had an idea to gather 12 different graphic designers and create a graphic design calendar for the year 2009. Somehow many people got excited about this and we produced 150 pieces of 40x70 cm calendar printed in silkscreen. It can be bought in Galerija Istaba, or asked at Designers: - Kriss Salmanis, - Liene Drazniece, - Zigmunds Lapsa, - Anete Melece, - Martins Ratniks, - Sandijs Ruluks, - Kirils Kirasirovs, - Monika Gruzite, - Dirk Laucke (Germany, Netherlands), - Marc Karpstein (Germany), - Yoshihiro Yoshida (London, Japan), - Shiho Kikuchi (London, Japan) Can be bought also here:

Madara web

Release date: 05/12/2008

Client: MADARA Cosmetics

Eco-cosmetics from the Northern meadows needed a new, more convenient web page. Our main goal was to present the products in an interactive way and at the same time keep the clean design of MADARA. Designers: Monika Gruzite, Sandijs Ruluks, Arturs Cirsis Development: Ernests Karlsons

sh! publishing

Release date: 17/11/2008

We just published the first Baltic comics magazine sh! Hurray! Get it in Galerija Istaba or Tasty shop It is the "Green issue" on environmental issues. Layout: Markus Hafliger

Inspired web

Release date: 15/11/2008

Client: Inspired

Inspired media agency web page design and development. Design: Sandijs Ruluks, Monika Gruzite Flash development: Ernests Karlsons, Arturs Cirsis

Anna Barons web

Release date: 15/09/2008

Client: Anna Barons

"Anna Barons is the brand of design furniture and luxury interiors from Latvia. Uniting traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technologies of furniture production, we produce elegance." - Anna Barons We wanted to make a web page that would represent these same values, so we chose to have a page exhibiting the wonderful work of Anna Barons and adding user friendly and contemporary navigation tools and animation techniques. Design: Sandijs Ruluks Development: Ernests Karlsons

Inspired identity design

Release date: 01/09/2008

Client: Inspired

Brand strategy, logo idea and identity design for the Inspired media agency. Designer: Zigmunds Lapsa

Media is the message?

Release date: 28/08/2008

Client: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Communication material idea and design for Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art exhibition "Is media the message?". Posters, press ads, cards, banners. Our designer Sandijs Ruluks participated in this exhibition with his project "Friends", also in the pictures. Design: Zigmunds Lapsa

Mobilly identity design

Release date: 15/07/2008

Client: SIA "CityCredit" = Mobilly

New brand name, communication strategy and identity design for a mobile payment service provider Mobilly. Design: Zigmunds Lapsa

Agnes Varda poster

Release date: 26/05/2008

Client: Kino Riga

Poster for a retrospective film programme in an art-house cinema in Riga. Design: Zigmunds Lapsa

Berta web engine

Release date: 23/05/2008

Probably the easiest website engine in the world - just click on anything and edit it. Changes are saved seamlessly. Be it your very personal blog, your very promising portfolio, your very important personal homepage - Berta will suit you. Ask us - if you want to use it :) Development: Ernests Karlsons Design: Sandijs Ruluks, Ernests Karlsons

Parkadia identity design

Release date: 16/05/2008

Identity design for a residential housing project in Latvia, near lake Titurga in the green outskirts of Riga. Design: Zigmunds Lapsa

Freakbike web design

Release date: 01/05/2008

Client: Apokalipses Jatnieki

Freakbike web design by HungryLab, development by Design: Sandijs Ruluks

Hungry lab identity design

Release date: 01/04/2008

Client: hungry lab

Identity design for graphic and web design studio. These guys are really hungry for experiments so they have a chance to experiment with their logo every now and then. Design: Zigmunds Lapsa

Hello, Hungry!

Release date: 10/02/2008

Client: HungryLab

A greeting card engine that uses no visual element of its own. As you type in the message, images appear from nobody knows where. Send it and find out where on Earth your friends received it. * Awarded Golden Bra for best Interactive in 10th International Festival of Creative Communication - Magdalena 2008, Slovenia

Krassky web design

Release date: 09/02/2008

Client: Krassky

Web site/catalog for a high-end design bathroom interiors' brand that distributes tiles, doors and furniture. Design: Sandijs Ruluks, Monika Gruzite

Soleville web design

Release date: 25/10/2007

Client: AFI Investment

A new home for Soleville - a huge residential project, fifteen 13-17-floor houses in Riga, Latvia. Our goal was to show the scale of the project and provide a glimpse of how it will look when ready. Design and flash development by HungryLab. Design: Sandijs Ruluks Development: Ernests Karlsons

Urban Lab design

Release date: 01/06/2007

Client: Urban lab

A non-commercial urban photography gallery in a reclaimed chemical laboratory in Andrejsala. Design: Sandijs Ruluks Development: Ernests Karlsons

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